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This modest 750 sq. ft. passive solar, earth-bermed, green-roofed office for a health care professional is located within a growing cluster of offices for medical services offices near Lady Minto Hospital on Salt Spring Island.

With the option to connect via the exterior outdoor covered walkway to a future single family residence this phase one clinic wing has been built to provide a private, nurturing and protective environment at both the exterior and interior. A progression of semi enclosed outdoor spaces along the south, east and west facades with broad protective eaves lead to the quiet, bright and airy interior "living room" space. 

Replacing a small derelect structure, part of which was recycled, the new concrete and timber frame, sod roof structure is nestled into a site built earth berm where exposed concrete retaining walls enclose a private entrance to the fronting street, extend upward through the north elevation to become a sculptural chimney for the main space wood fired heater and horizontally to the west forming a small enclosed "sunken" garden. Extensive plantings of cedar and pine on the northside berm provide protection to this cooler exposure while creeping vines and a combination of evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and perennial ground covers further envelope the site and building.

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